Honor society paints midterms away

Last Thursday evening, the National Society of Leadership and Success hosted a paint party at the amphitheater near Stone Center as a way of unwinding as midterms begin.

Anyone who happened to drive by the gathering would have seen beach balls being blown up, smiling faces and a bunch of college students covered in paint, as well as a disc jockey on stage.

However, what they wouldn’t have seen was the dedication the members of the Society put, not only towards their own success, but the success of other members of the group.

“We are an honor society based on the idea that you can do anything you put your mind to,” said the president of the group, Bradley Jackson.

For those unfamiliar with the society, it is a selective group based on academic standing and leadership potential. It is one of the largest leadership honor societies in the nation, according to the society’s website.

The society offers various benefits ranging from scholarships, awards, on-campus events, employer recruitment, discounts on computers, textbooks, grad school prep courses, insurance and more.

As a member of the Society there is also the opportunity to listen to famous celebrities and public figures like Al Roker, Jesse Eisenberg, Common and many more speak about leadership and success.

In order to be inducted into the Society, one must first fill out an application for nomination online, receive a nomination from at least one faculty member, and then be approved by the campus’s chapter advisor, Erin Rider. After nomination, students must attend Orientation, Leadership Training Day, three Speaker Broadcasts and three Success Networking Team meetings.

“Our main focus is to help our members achieve their goals,” said Bradley as individuals shot paint or tossed it up in the sky at one another. “This paint party is a way of showing members that the world is still a good place.”

The multi-colors of paint coated the setting sun. Members of the Society threw beach balls at each other as well as paint, while listening to the DJ light up the amphitheater with various types of music.

“I had so much fun,” said Kelsia King, society member, covered in paint. “I’m glad the society gave me this opportunity to meet all these good people.”

The paint party ended with white T-shirts, now the color of the rainbow, deflated beach balls, and perhaps the idea that these midterms were nothing but another stepping stone for members of the society.

For more information regarding the society, contact Erin Rider, at 256-782-8477 or erider@jsu.edu, or go online to the official website at societyleadership.org.

Nathan Cavitt
Staff Reporter

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