Volleyball drops two games, ending four-game win streak

The Jacksonville State Gamecocks’ four-game win streak came to an end Friday night with a loss against Tennessee State and would continue with another loss against Belmont the following day.

JSU had won their last four games as they headed out of state to play the Tigers of TSU.

It was a rough night for the Gamecocks as they only hit .101 overall to the Tigers’ .294 overall. Although they struggled for the first and last sets, the middle set was well matched and gave light to an otherwise lackluster performance overall.

Set one saw the Tigers jump out to a lead early and for the first couple of moments it seemed the score would bounce back and forth.

It wasn’t until TSU was able to hold JSU at seven while they ran up to 13 that the scoring slowed on the Gamecocks’ end. The Tigers eventually made it to 20 and JSU sat at 12, where they stayed while TSU won with 25.

The second set was the most hard fought by the Gamecocks as it was forced into extra points to determine a winner. JSU took the lead by four early and eventually had the lead on TSU 9-4. However, they quickly went on a five-point run that put them within one at 9-8. The Gamecocks again took the lead 22-17 but some quick scoring from the Tigers put them right back in it, 23-20.

After a tie at 25 the score went back and forth before finally ending in the Tigers’ favor as they won by two, 32-30. The final set was a fight from the start, though TSU took the lead early.

The score sat at 6-5 in the Tigers’ favor before they went on a four-point run to push ahead by five. The Gamecocks were not to be beaten as they took a five-point run of their own and tied the score at 11.

Despite the best efforts of the Gamecocks to stay in the game, they were halted at 19 while TSU scored five more times in a row to best them in the sweep 25-19.

Charis Ludtke led the night in kills with 13, while Mackenzie Rombach came behind her with seven. Both Ludtke and Kirk had doubles in digs with 10 and 17, respectively. Jennifer Hart was true to form with 28 assists.

The following day was the match against Belmont which was just as tough for the Gamecocks as TSU had been.

Each set was taken by Belmont swiftly, although the Gamecocks fought hard. They were stopped short of 20 in each set as the Bruins took them all with 25. The finals for the match were 16-25, 15-25 and 13-25.

The Gamecocks’ overall percentage was higher than it had been previously at .123. Kirk once again had doubles on defense with 14 digs, while Ashley Clingan recorded her first numbers with five digs. The Gamecocks slip to 11-13 overall.

They return home to play Eastern Kentucky on Oct. 16 at 7 p.m.

Rebekah Hawkins
Staff Reporter

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