JSU fraternity chapter revoked

Jacksonville State University fraternity unit Sigma Phi Epsilon is to face a three-year shut-down, following heated allegations of hazing activity.

The victim in question made it known on the weekend of September 2 that Epsilon was the focal point of his long-enduring “depression,” following the allegations of sporting “improper public apparel,” that allegedly comprised of a “suit and tie,” according to a close source off-campus.

The claim comes as no joke, as wearing “public apparel [in] conspicuous and not normally in good taste,” is boldly outlined and supported within the 2015-2016 JSU Handbook under ‘hazing policy.’

Since the alleged details violated a section of the JSU policy, a month’s-worth investigation was launched by collegiate officials throughout the month of September, placing Sigma Phi Epsilon on suspension.

This effectively posed a potential threat to the fraternity’s reputation as the Greek chapter serves as the rare fraternity establishment to maintain official housing on-campus.

On October 4, it was readily decided by its national organization that Sigma Phi Epsilon was to be shut-down, and to not become eligible for rechartering until 2018.

As an immediate result, brothers of the fraternity program were ordered to clear the Sigma Phi Epsilon house prior to an estimated deadline of one week.

A non-regional native shared with The Chanticleer that the respective members of the fraternity chapter have been “heavily distraught” over the recent shut down, and more deliberately the “rushed move out” process.

As of yet, there has been no confirmation if the now-defunct Sigma Phi Epsilon members will file a court appeal, despite selective public recommendation.

In the meantime, several are trying to evaluate and determine the authentic nature of the still-developing episode. JSU Public Relations Director Buffy Lockette, who was among the informed, has not received further insight regarding the hazing claim, however did state: “[The Epsilon fraternity] has three years till eligible reinstatement.”

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Dr. Timothy King, who was a major key element to the height of the event, could not be reached for comment.

The baffling allegations of hazing activity occurring within JSU’s closest quarters does not necessarily stop short of similar scenarios that have occurred in past time.

In late 2011, off-campus residential chapter Alpha Phi Alpha endured suspension after two students were sent to the hospital for concealed injuries pertaining to hazing routines, according to “WBRC FOX6 News.” Lockette refused to comment on the prior incident.

Jefferson Varner IV
Staff Reporter

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