Workshops prepare students for federal jobs

Jacksonville State University Career Services held two information meetings and two workshops on Tuesday, September 29 to help educate current students as well as alumni of all majors on federal job opportunities and helpful methods for applying for them.

Director of Career Services Becca Turner, was in charge of this event. In the past, these meetings have been held sporadically. They have not been held yearly, but that is expected to change.

“Now that we have been made aware of job opportunities in the federal government in the next five years, we’re going to do this annually,” Turner said.

There is also a possibility to have events such as these not just yearly, but also at least once a semester. For Tuesday’s event, Turner received help from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, who  helped lead each of these meetings.

“The purpose of these events is to connect our students with the opportunities that are coming available,” Turner said.

The goal of events like this is to help students get jobs and find careers after they graduate from JSU. A big motivator behind the events comes from the Army Materiel Command, which is a provider of materiel readiness.

“We’re doing this because sixty percent of federal employees that work at AMC in Huntsville can retire now,” Turner said. “We’re trying to equip students and alumni with the knowledge that they need to effectively apply for the positions as they come open.”

The first information meeting and workshop covered the topic of all available federal government jobs. One thing that was mentioned in the meeting that is important for students and alumni to know is about loans.

There are opportunities to seek loan forgiveness when working certain federal jobs. One organization that does this is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

The workshop is more hands-on for those who attend. The purpose of the workshops is to allow students and alumni to actually work on applications and resumes.

During the workshop, they were provided with help from the employees of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Seven employees from the Bureau came so that they could work with individuals or answer individual questions as needed.

The second information meeting and workshop centered around the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  The employees spoke about things that strictly pertained to the Bureau. This included things about salary, locations, diversity in the workplace and the things an employee should and shouldn’t do  while on the job.

These types of meetings and workshops have proved to be beneficial. According to surveys, the students and alumni who have attended appreciate all the information that is given. It is also beneficial because more students are able to be helped at one time rather than having to set up dozens of individual appointments.

If students could not make Tuesday’s meetings, accommodations are available. They can email Becca Turner to collect the information that was discussed.

Career Services also has upcoming events that will provide the same information from Tuesday’s meetings.

There will also be another workshop held during this time that guides students and alumni on how to apply for all federal jobs and how they can communicate their skill set for a federal resume.

Katelyn Schneider
Staff Reporter

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