TomorrowWorld 2015: A beautiful disaster

“People of Tomorrow,” the slogan name for the guests of TomorrowWorld, were not pleased with the returning 2015 music festival.

Continuous rainfall and weather conditions left many visitors stranded for hours in the late night cold, while others were simply unable to attend the final day, September 27.

TomorrowWorld is a three day music festival and five day camping experience held in Georgia, which its website describes as “a realm hidden from civilization, deep within the forests of Chattahoochee Hills.”

There is no set address for the festival as it prides itself in being off the map. TomorrowWorld is known for its intense experience with outstanding décor, A-class camping, VIP areas, and gourmet food.

However, this year it became known for the figurative mud slide the public team had to clean itself up from.

In a press release, TomorrowWorld wrote, “…Sunday September 27, TomorrowWorld will only be accessible to visitors currently camping at DreamVille…The experience of the TomorrowWorld visitors is always TomorrowWorld’s number one priority, so TomorrowWorld was forced to close all daily parking lots and drop off locations.”

This was written after thousands of guests had taken to social media after they were denied transportation from the festival, which many had paid for in advance as part of a package deal. Social media was blasted with angry fans, laying by the side of the road unable to leave the festival.

TomorrowWorld does not serve anything with cash. ‘Pearls’ are the currency of the festival and must be pre-registered onto the computer chip inside the TomorrowWorld bracelet pass.

This is one fact that led to many guests, trying to leave, being without transportation. They had no cash on them to pay outside sources. Those that did have cash on them, were unable to reach many options as the cell phone reception was terrible and the Uber app crashed. Buses, due to the necessity, were charging unbelievable rates upwards of $50 to $100.

According to, James Baker, a third-timer of the festival, described the scene as looking like something from a movie, with thousands of people in the woods, and some relieving themselves in the open, passed out on curbs and banging their hands on the sides of full buses.

Once Baker was safely on board a bus, he witnessed a man lay down in the street to try to stop the vehicle so more people could board.

TomorrowWorld has issued several candid apologizes and even created two avenues for refunds. Sunday’s activities carried on for the estimated 40,000 residing in DreamVille, TomorrowWorld’s campsite. Any guest that had purchased the three-day pass was allowed to enter, although, transportation was still an issue for many.

From social media, it seems to be an overwhelming consensus that the weather has not to blame for the festival being labeled a ‘disaster,’ but rather it was the lack of coordination. From those trying to exit Saturday night into Sunday morning, there seemed to be a total disregard for safety. The festival go-ers were to a large degree left to take care of it themselves.

Money talked for TomorrowWorld. It was those guests with DreamVille tickets, which are more quite expensive that did not have to worry about any of this. Also, even new DreamVille visitors were allowed in.

Reagan McCracken, said to, “‘We heard the music inside,’ she says. “All the events were still happening, we just couldn’t get past the gate… Everyone’s question was why not let people in if music was still playing. Why only cancel for people not staying on site?”

People had come from all over, paying travel costs and ticket costs to attend. Outside the last gas station on the way to the festival, there was a man, who had driven all the way from Maryland. He traveled the distance to find out the news once he entered Georgia.

Many are advocating that had the festival’s team been more prepared none of this would have happened. Law suits are being considered, but mainly the People of Tomorrow just
want a better ‘Tomorrow.’

The show must go on. Armin Van Buuren closed out the festival, giving an outstanding performance under what seemed to be thousands of fireworks.

For those that did attend the festival, the 2015 music line up was not a disappointment. It featured major names such as Benny Benassi, Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell, David Guetta, Laidback Luke and Tiesto. For those there Sunday, the atmosphere was one of family and unity.

As of 2014, TomorrowWorld was nominated for Best Festival Worldwide by the International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) in 2014.  One can only wait and see what will happen for the remaining for years.

It can cost around  $145, if you only go for one day, or $1,459 dollars, if you spend the night in DreamVille, the camp ground area, for three days.

Christina MacDonald
Arts & Entertainment Editor

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