Super Mario Maker: A Game Review

Whenever you hear about a new Super Mario game coming out, you would typically think about your family sitting around a television with four controllers screaming at each other.

This new Super Mario is not the case.

Ever wanted to make your own Mario levels? Well now it is possible with Super Mario Maker.

The release of Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System came out 30 years ago Nintendo thought it would be great for a 30-year anniversary gift to the fans.

Have you ever wanted to put a Goomba in a question block? How about you have a cannon shoot coins instead of Bullet Bills?

You can do all that with this new game. Anything your heart desires can be made.

The game itself is absolutely fantastic as  can change between four different Super Mario games.

You can also choose which type of “background” my level can be in.

For example, if players are familiar with Super Mario World and loved the underground levels, they can make their levels exactly like that.

The game itself is easy to pick up. I didn’t have any problem with actually starting it off and making my own levels to begin with. It is sort of annoying that players have to unlock absolutely everything to get the full experience of the game, but it does not take forever to unlock.

The game unlocks certain items and equipment in the matter of how many blocks or items players put in making levels.

If you think you have the will power to unlock every game style and item in the game, then good luck.  I played for over ten hours and still only had about half of the content unlocked.

The game is not just about making your own levels. You can actually play other peoples’ levels from across the globe.

You can choose from either Easy, Normal or Expert levels to play in a mode called 100 Mario challenge, where the player has 100 lives to complete eight to sixteen levels.

Do not think that 100 lives is a lot, because the Expert levels are not a joke.

Players can even use amiibos to expand your roster. Amiibos are little toy figures that interact wirelessly with your Wii U or 3DS.

Simply tap the amiibo on your Wii U Gamepad and voila. Super Mario Maker is a great game for those who are traditional Super Mario fans or even those who are starting off with Super Mario.

Overall the game is a fantastic addition to the Super Mario franchise and I can see myself playing this game for years to come.

Super Mario Maker is selling at retail for 59.99 plus tax, with the Wii U console selling for 299.99 plus tax.

Hector Lopez-Perez
Special to The Chanticleer

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