Apple unveils new iPhone for preorder

Apple held an iPhone event which introduced two new iPhones in addition to the iPad Pro, and a new Apple TV on September 9.

Preorders for the new iPhones will start on September 12 and general availability starts on September 25. The new version of the iPhone software, iOS9 will be released on September 16.

The new iPhones are officially iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Both devices will be available in four colors: silver, gold, space grey and rose gold. Similar to last year, the 6S will be a smaller phone with a 4.7 inch display while the 6S Plus will have a larger 5.5 inch display. The displays in the new iPhones include a new hardware feature called 3D Touch.

With 3D Touch, the new iPhones can recognize not only where you press on the screen, but also how hard you press down. This feature is being used to allow new interactions with applications such as peeking into them to see information without needing to open the app.

Both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will also include a new 12-megapixel rear camera that can record 4K video in addition to a 5 megapixel front-facing camera. The new iPhones also include Retina Flash which is said to be 3 times brighter than regular flash.

The prices for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be the same as last year’s models. On a two year contract, the iPhone 6S starts at $199 for 16 GB and the iPhone 6S Plus starts at $299 for 16 GB.

Apple is now offering the option to pay for the new iPhones in monthly installments for users that would prefer not to have a contract.

The iPad Pro is a tablet is 12.9 inches and features two new optional accessories. The Pencil and Smart Keyboard are new accessories made to enhance the functionality of Apple’s newest tablet.

The iPad Pro is supposed to be faster than previous iPads and more comparable to a portable PC with features such as multitasking on the device’s large screen.

The Pencil is an optional stylus that costs $99 and provides the opportunity to use more precise inputs for drawing and handwriting. The Smart Keyboard is a full QWERTY keyboard (no numeric keypad) to help with productivity.

The iPad Pro is said to be faster than 80 percent of portable PCs shipped in the past six months according to the Apple presenter. The 32 GB iPad Pro will cost $799 and there are also 128 GB versions available.

The new Apple TV will be available in October and it has a new operating system called tvOS. The new operating system includes a Universal Search that allows you to search within various apps from one location.

The new remote control features a microphone which allows users to interact with Siri as a primary means of navigating the Apple TV.

The Apple TV also includes an Apple Music app and support for games such as Disney Infinity and Guitar Hero for those that would prefer other forms of entertainment.

Apple is not the last mobile device release for this year.

HTC and Google are expected to announce new devices in the near future.

Myron Jones
Technology Columnist

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