A Belgian artist cultured the Atlanta music scene

Atlanta was taken over by one Belgian last Tuesday, September 14. Stromae, the famous DJ hailing from Belgium, performed a sold out show in the Buckhead Theatre.

Stromae, his name coming from the French slang for “Maestro”, was born Paul Van Haver to a Rwandan father and a Belgian mother.At 28 years old, he is one of the world’s most famous DJs, possessing a cult following throughout Europe and North America.

If social media can be used as an gage of his success, the numbers are outstanding with more than 6.9 million followers on Facebook alone.

His most popular song, Alor On Dance, has more than 61.9 million views.Success has been a common thread for Stromae, who was projected to be a one-hit wonder after Alor On Dance, which hit worldwide when remixed by Kanye West.

Debuting as a hip-hop fundamentalist, Stromae said [translated from French], “I do not make music for intellectuals or for clubs. I make music as I understand it, the groove is very important to me.”

“And I do not think the English language sounds better than the French.”True to his thoughts, Stromae still writes and performs almost entirely in French.

His lyrics are not typical of any genre he dances across. They are intelligent, playful with words, and emotional. Stromae himself even admits to crying when he wrote Formidable.

Stromae has strong ideas about aesthetics, music, and moral character.The entire album “√” (square root), which he performed at the concert in Atlanta, was written, composed, and  produced by himself.

However, his deep rooted modesty makes the amount of work that goes into his creations lesser known.  The word creations best describes what Stromae does.

At the Atlanta show, Stromae acted out each song’s music video so detailed as to do multiple wardrobe changes.

However, he did spent most of his time in a formal suit, which he explains that he wears “just so I’m dressed for work like everyone else”.

Second to Stromae’s theatrical performance was the light show, which was also tailored to match each video.Stromae ended the show by personally introducing his band and lighting director.He made the audience feel at home, connected, and like a family.

The crowd itself was made up of interesting and well-cultured individuals, who wore a piece of themselves and their love for art literally on their sleeves.

It was an excellent way to spend a Monday night: as a face in a crowd of the famous Stromae-inspired smile.

Christina MacDonald
Arts & Entertainment Editor

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