The positive effects of social media on society

In a time where nearly every person owns a smartphone, social media and technology play a crucial part in daily life. Often the almost dependent usage of technology is heralded as a bad thing, yet it is here to stay and good can come from appropriate usage.

It is argued that social media and smartphones have caused a lack of communication between people. While it is true friends often gather and scroll through their Facebook feed; it is also true that they discuss the things they see.

Social media becomes a centerpiece of conversation, keeping people connected by allowing them to discuss the things that are currently affecting the lives of their peers and themselves, while also allowing them to stay updated in current events. It can become disheartening to see a large group of people mindlessly scrolling on their phones, but it is also enlightening for the group when they share the things they see and discuss them.

Many say that social media causes rifts and divisions since it often the battleground of controversies and opinions. While it is true that news feeds are the breeding ground for controversies, they can also be used as a window into new insight.

It can be easy to get offended by the opposing opinion, but it is also a learning point in which to expand the possibilities past a particular region or area. In this way, social media can be a form of enlightenment instead of one of division.

Another way that social media allows connectivity between users is through group pages. Organizations, clubs and small groups can remain in touch with each other through pages, and not have to rely on word-of-mouth to stay updated.

Social media is often the focal point of cyberbullying and negativity, but it can also be the home for the opposite. Family members are allowed to see the life and wellbeing of their relatives even if they are many miles away.

It is one thing to hear their voice say they are happy, but it is an entirely different experience to be able to see their happiness through social media. In addition, social media allows a person control over how they present themselves to their peers.

This small feeling of power can help boost a person’s self confidence and morale, especially when people show their support. In many cases, people find it easier to type compliments than to say them — allowing for opportunities to build someone up instead of tear them down. In this way, social media can grow confidence and understanding.

While social media truly can cause problems, it can also serve as an educating step into the real world. Sheltered teens and young adults have access to things that are not as pretty as what they have always seen.

It also allows them to learn important skills such as time management and effective communication. Social media and technology can be used in a negative way, as it is often painted, or it can be used as a tool for a better generation.

Lauren Jackson
Staff Reporter

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