JSU will incorporate new Veteran organization

Jacksonville State University offers a wide variety of programs for students, and there is one more that is going to be added to the list.

This new organization has more than one part to it.

As a whole, it will be the Research Center for Veteran Support Services, but the slightly smaller part of the program that JSU students need to be aware of is the student veteran group. This group will be known as Charlie Mike. In military language, this means “to continue the mission.”

Military veteran and JSU student, Ernest Fletcher, wanted to use this title because he knows from experience and said, “It is meaningful to most people in the military.”

As of now, this organization has not been established. However, according to faculty adviser Dr. Maureen Newton, they are filing the paperwork to become an official student group and to get on the JSU event calendar.

Despite not being an official group yet, Fletcher said that they had a good turn out at a cookout that was held on August 31. Student veterans came, but the faculty of staff of the university came and showed a lot of support and interest.

“The more people that are involved, will be the catalyst for the university or grants can be gifted to the organization or to the school,” said Fletcher.

The first goal and the most prominent purpose for this organization is to give student veterans a place on campus that is just for them.

The student veterans will be able to go to this place and talk about what it is like to be a student, but also anything else they want. “It gives them an open forum,” said Newton.

Having a place that these veteran students can call their own will be very beneficial for them.

A major benefit of this program will be the aspect of networking with other veterans.

There are a lot of opportunities and helpful benefits that are available to veterans, and this program can introduce those things to them.

“There are so many things that veterans don’t know about. There are so many things that are available to them, whether it be counseling or scholarships or, I mean you name it. I don’t even know hardly everything,” Fletcher said.

By allowing the veterans to get together and share their knowledge with one another, they can find out about all of these opportunities.

Two other helpful resources he mentioned were Veteran Affairs and the G.I. Bill.

The main goal of Charlie Mike is to take care of the student veterans here at JSU and to give them a place of their own.

Once this goal is achieved and once they begin to have regular meeting times, they would like to educate people who may not be affiliated with the military.

They would like to raise veteran’s awareness on serious issues such as the veteran suicide rate as well the rate of homeless veterans.

Once this becomes an established program with the university, it will be a way for everyone to help not only the student veterans, but every veteran who have served his or her country.

It is a way for veterans to continue the mission from home.

Katelyn Schneider
Staff Reporter

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