JSU student explains new organization, N-GEN

How I can better myself and the students of JSU during my college experience? This is a question I asked myself before N-GEN came about. The idea of N-GEN came to me on an average day after class.

The idea of creating one site that allows people to voice their opinions and create unity here at JSU seemed to be the best fit.

Once I brought the idea up to my friends, who are also are communication majors, they were just as excited as I was about the idea.

My name is Gabrielle Ferrell, founder and president, of New Generation Entertainment News or N-GEN.

Our team started in 2014 with ten individuals, majoring in marketing, graphic design and communication.

We started off with the idea of a website, www.wegenworldwide.com, featuring everything from cooking, fitness, fashion and even the latest music.

Finally after a lot of planning and brain storming, we decided to venture into featuring local artists.

N-GEN interviewed anyone from rock bands such as Pace House to rapper Fly Iezzy.

They were featured on the website in video format to spread the word about their art, while also spreading our work.

From there, we started investing more time and money into the group.

The organization made T-shirts for everyone to wear and help promote it. It also purchased professional lights for better quality. And we even coordinated a flash mob in the Theron Montgomery Building. All this was done to promote the launch of our website.

In April of this year, we decided to physically go public and show the campus who we really are. We teamed up with a local fashion line called “Late Nights Early Mornings” and hosted a fashion show. The past year has been full of planning, practicing and making adjustments.

Today, we stand as an official JSU organization. Our officers are: Taylor Hill as vice president, Chris Smith as secretary, and Owen Gilbert as treasurer.

N-GEN’s future plans are endless. N-GEN will be reaching out to other organizations for events. We will also be expanding our team.

N-GEN’s first interest meeting will be held Tuesday, September 15 in the basement of Self Hall at 6:00 p.m. This meeting is open to all students who are interested in building their portfolios and getting a chance to put their skills to work.

While N-GEN’s website is currently down for maintenance, anyone will be able to access the website on Thursday, October, 8. Students can follow N-GEN on Instagram @wegenworldwide. People can also find N-GEN on Facebook by simply searching “N-GEN.”

New Generation Entertainment News  provides the students of Jacksonville State University with accurate reporting about entertainment on campus, while inspiring students to create, innovate and motivate for the New Generation.

Gabrielle Ferrell
Special to the Chanticleer

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