JSU art student is inspired by on-campus diversity

You may have heard it said that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

This can be made evident in sophomore art major, Noella Ndaya’s work. Noella is a member of the Jones International House Program and often used her fellow house members as models, drawing inspiration from various standards and ideas of ‘beauty.’

“I am from Congo, but I was raised in South Africa,” said Ndaya. “Even as a young kid of only ten, I have always been passionate about pictures, drawings, fashion and almost everything that has to do with art… I would spend most of my time playing around with pictures, giving them a different look as a hobby. My parents giving me a camera as a gift was what really made me fall more in love with photography.

“I love taking pictures of people mostly because, to me, I feel we all have unique looks. And I never hesitate to approach someone who catches my eye and ask them if I could have a shoot with them,” said Ndaya.

With twenty-five countries being represented in the Jones International House, there is always something new to learn or discover.

Noella credits human diversity as her main source of inspiration.

“I look up to the photographer, Helmet Newton and also to Cedric Nzaka, a Kenyan photographer who is in charge of a magazine called Everyday People Stories,” said Noella.

“I just feel humans are like paintings and the world is the canvas. In other words, we are walking art,” said Ndaya.

“I feel [the Jones International House Program] has really helped me know about other countries. It’s really helped me have a new kind of critical thinking, taught me to always be opened to try new things, and to respect the people around me.

“We all have different cultures and it makes me look forward to the year in front of us. I am really thankful for being given the opportunity to be part of the Program because it really gives us a chance to prove ourselves and make the people who chose us proud,” she explains.

Noella’s artwork can be seen at student shows and on her Instagram account under the user-handle @Chambre_noir.

Christina MacDonald
Arts & Entertainment Editor

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