How to afford the latest technology

For people who love gadgets, life can be fairly expensive. It seems as though as soon as you finally save up enough money to purchase something, a newer version is announced or just right around the corner.

Instead of spending money on the latest and most expensive, many people find it beneficial to find a device that is just good enough to get the job done. So how can you make sure you are getting the most out of your money with technology?

The easiest method to saving on new electronics is to buy them used. Pawn shops, Craigslist and websites such as eBay, Swappa and Glyde are often useful in finding devices below the official price.

With good timing, you can often find like-new devices at a reasonable discount just because someone else made an over eager purchase.

The exact same places can be useful when it is time to sell your old gadgets.

Selling your old gadgets also makes it a lot easier to afford new devices if the old ones are in good condition. Most people do not feel the need to own 2 laptops, TVs, phones, etc.

The old devices often go completely unused because the original owner no longer needs them.

By selling your old devices before you replace them, you may significantly lower the cost of replacing them.

Maybe trying to find the specific item you want used, or selling your old items, requires too much time. If that is your situation, it would make sense to look at budget devices.

The most common form of budget device is the previous model of a new release. When new devices become available, the predecessors quickly become available at a discount — despite being brand new and completely functional. For someone that does not feel that they need the absolute latest technology, this may possibly be the best method.

Another solution is to purchase a dedicated budget device.

Many manufacturers make devices specifically for people who may not want to spend as much money on a major name brand. While budget
technology often lacks the bells and whistles of major competitors, they often do an exceptional job at providing core functionality. Unfortunately, this method can be very hit and miss.

It requires more research to ensure that whatever you may be buying is actually going to last and not be a waste of money.

When it comes to budgeting electronics, a good rule of thumb is that if the price is much lower, there is most likely a significant tradeoff.

These tips are not limited to just one option. For example, you can sell your old TV and then buy another used TV for additional savings.

Enjoying electronics does not have to be expensive, but it can require some extra work to get the most value out of each purchase. This applies to many categories of electronics such as gaming consoles, televisions, cell phones, and computers.

In the world of technology, newer is not always better; doing a little research, or simply waiting, could pay off significantly in the end.

Myron Jones
Technology Columnist

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