Forever Young Modeling Troupe celebrates its sixth year

Fashion is about more than just the latest celebrity trends. It’s your style your way. Forever Young Modeling Troupe’ on Jacksonville State campus, exposes the layers of fashion from styling and make-up to the production of a full runway show in the spring.

F.Y.M.T. creates a kind of outlet for anyone interested in fashion, all aspects of fashion.

Forever Young Modeling Troupe’ gives a full experience of the fashion industry by building the members’ career. With tools such as walk coaching, resume building, make-up tutorials, and clothing design, Forever Young is working hard to impact its members for a lifetime in their careers.

The campus troupe’s latest show featured couture looks inspired by the theme of the ‘Seven Deadly Sins.’

“This was one of our more challenging shows because we had to create our own articles of clothing for the Gluttony scene,” said member Nicole Collins.

Being able to fully participate in different aspects of Forever Young Modeling Troupe is one of the biggest reasons why the organization has succeeded since its 2009 start on Jacksonville’s campus.

Since it’s inception, this organization’s impact on Jacksonville State University has been through fashion and service.

Not only does this organization dig a little deeper into the fashion industry, but also into philanthropy.

Members of the organization have a chance to be a part of several community service projects.

F.Y.M.T.’s inspiration for fashion comes from everywhere and the troupe believes that inspiration is what makes the team diverse not only stylistically, but culturally.

This semester, F.Y.M.T is back for their upcoming season. For more information, e-mail Forever Young Modeling Troupe at

Deonna O’Neal
Special to the Chanticleer

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