Art exhibit opens at Hammond Hall, Roundhouse

On Thursday, September 3, the faculty of the JSU Art Department held an art exhibit that featured pieces in Hammond Hall and the Roundhouse.

Over the summer, workers and volunteers put in countless hours to help refurbish and overhaul the Hammond Hall gallery and give it a new and clean look.

The exhibit was a way to show off the new facility and to follow a long going tradition to show what the professors can create. Students, members of the community and the volunteers who helped to recreate the exhibit hall were in attendance.

Everyone got to view different forms such as screen printing, hand-made pottery, paintings by staff members such as Ron Baker, Adjunct Instructor of Foundations, Anita Stewart, Adjunct Instructor of Foundations and Art History and John Oles, Assistant Professor of Ceramics.

“The exhibit is a way to reach out to the students. In the classrooms, we [the faculty] teach the students, this show is a way to show ‘us’ and to instill some professionalism in our students,” Assistant Professor of Drawing, Bryce Lafferty said.

Along with the faculty showing off their works, graduate student Blake Dodgen and JSU alumna, Hannah Cooper McCauley showed off their own artwork.

Dodgen was in another gallery in Hammond Hall, while McCauley was exhibiting in the Roundhouse just a few feet away.

Dodgen kicked off his first show of the year with a simplistic but beautiful mud art.

“I used a variety of earth types from Germania Springs, a family and dog park in Piedmont. I like the idea of order and chaos creating a meticulous but meditative manner, to capture this image of order and chaos I went with geometric shapes. So that’s what I used to create my mud art,” Dodgen said.

Cooper McCauley’s work has been exhibited in group and solo shows internationally, including the Houston Center for Photography, the Vermont Center for Photography, Photo Beijing 2014, and the 2014 Pingyao, China International Photography Festival.

She has been published in Photo District News and PHOTO+ Magazine, as well as numerous grants and fellowships from institutions as the Society

for Photographic Education and Louisiana Tech University.

She is currently attending Louisiana Tech for her MFA.

“I focused on the examination of identity and adopting a new way of life.

“Narrative art conveys dreams and fears, it’s abstract art and that’s what makes it so meaningful and beautiful. It’s fairy tale art,” Cooper McCauley said.

Brittany Robertson
Staff Reporter

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