Savoring the little things

Life moves at a remarkable pace these days. We’ve become a very efficient people.

If a politician has some kind of faux pas, it’s up on YouTube within five minutes and on the news within ten.

If you need someone to know something, and today, you absolutely need everyone to, a quick Tweet or a status update, and everyone that’s anyone in your life will have an inkling.

We seldom slow down, and I’m just as guilty as everyone else. Even when I’m relaxing, or least when I tell myself I am, I usually can’t be bothered to drop out of fifth gear.

I read to relax, usually. Almost incessantly. Articles, quotes, facts and figures.

Anything and everything that I can consume, every errant scrap of knowledge I can seek out.

I don’t often find the time, or take it when it is offered, to savor any of it.

The act has become more about quantity over quality, the simple pleasure forgotten in a mad dash to keep up to date with literally everything, because that’s just what you do.

It’s a constant search for bite sized bits, an appetizer for a dish that never quite arrives.

The feeling of fullness with no real satisfaction, absorbing whatever I can find at a blistering pace before moving on to the next bit.

It’s a quantity over quality sort of deal, and that seems to be the norm. We’re all flitting about, focused on “the next big thing” when none of us really seem to know what it is until we’re told.

What to laugh at, what will offend or enrage us, passionate in our attention for a few moments only to be forgotten when the next bit comes along. Keeping in touch without ever really speaking, and hopping on the bandwagon because it seems the popular thing to do.

So lately I’ve been trying to find the little things. The bits I’ve forgotten over the last few years, when the entire world seemed to decide that the future is now, and we’d best hurry on to it.

It’s the little things to savor. A pleasant chat between friends, face to face, and a good meal that doesn’t involve “May I take your order” and a trip through the drive-thru.

A good book, and it must be an actual book, read while sitting in the shade of a tree. A nice, long and cool smoke of tobacco in my favorite pipe. Just the little things.

Efficiency is wonderful, and we are connected to each other now more so than we have ever been in all of our history. But perhaps we’ve lost a few things along the way.

So step back sometime. Take a look around, and see if, perhaps, there’s some little something missing. See if you can find it, seek it out, and once you have it, take your time and enjoy it. Sometimes, the little things are the most important bits of all.

John Sterling
Staff Reporter

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