JSU student spends his summer giving regards to Broadway

The bright lights of Broadway have been calling my name ever since I memorized every word to the “Phantom of the Opera” cast album at the mature age of six. Working on the Great White Way on stage or off has been a dream of mine forever.

With hard work, dedication, and an enormous amount of support, this dream came true for me this summer as I interned for one of the largest theatrical production companies on Broadway.

For some, an internship is just another small item on their graduation checklist. For me, it was the most important objective of my collegiate career.

After applying for over seventy internships in the field of theatrical marketing and advertising, and scoring five different interviews, I was offered the position of marketing assistant with Roundabout Theatre Company for the summer of 2015.

The entire internship process was one of the most educational, stressful, and exciting times in my life. As a Communication (Public Relations) major, and Drama minor, this internship was the perfect fit for one of my final requirements before graduation.

I strongly encourage any student looking for an internship to reach for the stars and step as far out of their comfort zone as possible. Moving to New York City for the entire summer and working at an organization as established as Roundabout was incredibly overwhelming. I had several amazing opportunities such as seeing several Broadway shows, meeting legends of the stage, touring Broadway theatres and meeting with a countless number of professionals in the theatre industry. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I was only an employee for three months, but I learned more than I ever could have imagined. I pushed boundaries and was forced to expand my mind each day. The employees and my fellow interns became my family and in addition, I formed connections I’m certain I will be able to use in the future. If anything, I learned that networking and making connections are the most important objectives one must successfully accomplish in order to open doors for yourself in the workforce. Of course having a juicy resume looks great, but being able to have references in your field can do a person wonders.

Now that I’ve experienced what working on a Broadway show is like, I know for certain that I want to go into theatrical marketing and advertising. Now that I only have a semester left, I feel more and more ready for the future in the workforce. My summer in New York City was an absolute dream. I’m now back and more ready than ever to complete my final semester at JSU and dive into the workforce! I’ve never been more driven and inspired to make my future the best it can be. I lived each and every moment of this summer to the fullest and I hope my little success story can inspire others to reach for the stars. Anything is possible.

Tips for obtaining your dream internship:

-Do intensive research on internships throughout the area. Whether you’re looking for a position in Calhoun County, your hometown or a metropolis such as New York or Los Angeles.You never know what opportunities are out there.

-Apply everywhere.Perfect your resume and write a killer cover letter and the world is yours. (Be sure to include the skills you’ve learned in class, as well as reliable references.)

-Send a follow up thank you letter or email. Being thoughtful and grateful goes a long way

-Shoot for the stars. Apply for that dream internship.

Macon Prickett
Special to The Chanticleer

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