Fashion trends are taking us back to our childhood

They say you always try and escape your awkward teenage years, but now more than ever you see old trends making a second entrance into the fashion world. Being a 90s kid, I always idealized big stars from Jennifer Anniston in “Friends” to Melissa Joan Hart in “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.”

As much as I idealized these women, I also used to wonder why in the world they wore what they wore. Ask me three years ago if I would ever be caught dead in Doc Martens or a tight chocker necklace and I would of laughed.

However, those 90s trends, no matter how awful, have somehow crept back up in a more modern form.

While going out on a night on the town you can see trends from the 90s all around.

Some of these trends include:

1. The crop top: These midriff-revealing tops were once made famous by 90s stars, such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera.2. The choker necklace: The oldie that should have stayed in the past, but for some reason did not. Honestly, who wants to put an itchy rubber band around their neck? Although there is one exception; the white pearl choker, still elegant and loose enough to the point where it doesn’t look like you’re trying to decapitate yourself.

3. The denim jacket and the flannel: Thinner than before, these two staple outfit pieces are finally back. I can now wear my golden denim jacket without looking like a cowboy and my softest flannel without looking like a hobo. 4. The beauty trends: From berry lips, to iridescent make up, to tousled hair, the beauty trends of the 90s are resurfacing. The iridescent glow J-LoGLOW made famous is also back with a new makeup technique called “strobing.” Strobing is a makeup technique that moves away from the severe contour and goes towards the emphasis of the highlight. This technique causes a new, fresh, dewy look that keeps you shining all day long.

So, whether it be the 50s, 70s or 90s, we find ourselves looking in the past for style inspiration, pulling from closets of the past!

Tory McDermott
Special to the Chanticleer

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