Department Spotlight: Management and Marketing

There is no better place to gain knowledge of the business world than in the Department of Management and Marketing at JSU.

Dr. Richard Cobb, Professor and Head of the Department of Management and Marketing, could not agree more.

While being interviewed, Cobb spoke in detail about the markets, where being business-savvy is relevant.

He said it is important to know what aspects of certain markets have declined, and what others have increased.

One of the markets that he spoke of was the cellphone industry.

“Ever since cell phones came out back in the ‘80s, businessmen were thinking ‘Okay, how can we make more money from this? ’Then someone thought ‘well how about we put a camera on it so you can take pictures.’ Then someone else thought ‘well how about we put a video camera on it’ and it kept going.

“And after that, businesses were thinking ‘where do we get the materials made to make this stuff at a cheap price?’ And then after that, they were thinking ‘well how do we get this stuff made for a cheap price?’ And then something will probably going to take place of the cell phone. I don’t know what but it’s going to happen,” Cobb said.

In the Management and Marketing Department of JSU, professors educate students on various markets so they can become beneficial to businesses.

Cobb also explained why the different courses are important to Management and

Marketing students. “The business curriculum is like a big pizza and the students need to have a working knowledge of each slice,” Cobb explained.

Because of this, every business student is required to take introductory classes for each aspect of business including: accounting, management, economics, finance and marketing.

Management and marketing students are not only able to be profitable as businessmen, but they are also able to pursue their interests. “I had a friend that majored in Music but knew business.

He wanted to be a pianist but he couldn’t find anything. Well he knew how to build pianos and started his own piano company.

He makes $100,000 a year,” Cobb explained. In fact, many Music majors at JSU minor in either marketing or management. According to Cobb, there is no better time to be a business major than the present day. This is because there is a worldwide transition in how things are done. Because of technology, the norms of today are changing, and the way things are done in business are easier and a lot more convenient than they use to be.

For example, business transactions have become more convenient because of email and Skype. The newest program in the Management and Marketing Department is the Entrepreneurship program. Students majoring in management are required to have a total of 21 semester hours and students that are majoring in marketing are required to have a total of 24 semester hours.

Eric Taunton II
Staff Reporter

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