Apps that can help students study and remember

It is the start of yet another school year at Jacksonville State University. Many students are still scrambling to get organized for the semester and gather all of the supplies and equipment that they may need to get through the year.

Adjusting to campus life can be difficult so here are a few useful things that may help get you through the school year.

First of all, Evernote. It can not be stressed enough that the most useful notes are the ones you have with you.

Evernote provides you with the opportunity to keep your notes available on all of your devices for free and without the clutter of paper. You do not have to type notes to make use of Evernote, you can scan notes and handouts, organize things into notebooks, and be able to quickly search when you are looking for specific content.

Evernote is not the only program that offers this kind of functionality. Alternatively, there is Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, or Simplenote all of which offer slightly different functionality but the same idea of having access to your important notes no matter where you are.

For those who have trouble staying in order and keeping a tight schedule, a to-do list is also a necessity.

Some people prefer to keep their to-do lists on paper but like many other things in life, a digital to-do list offers a specific set of advantages. Because a student will most likely have some device or another nearby, the to-do list is easily accessible, all in one location, and neat.

An electronic to-do list offers one convenient feature that can be life changing.

To-do list apps such as Wunderlist and Todoist give the ability to add reminders to any tasks. So if a student wished to add all of their assignments as a to-do entry they could set reminders for the day before an assignment is due to ensure that it is completed.

College life is not all about organization, there are other uses for technology in college including safety. A new app called Companion that looks to make college students feel safer when they are walking around campus whether it be during the day or at night.

Companion allows you to add contacts who will be automatically notified and able to track you in real-time while you make your trek from point A to point B. If anything happens to you (as determined by your phone’s built in sensors), you have around 15 seconds to verify your safety before your selected contacts are alerted. According to their website,, Companion also allows you to note when an area makes you feel nervous and provides the information to public safety which will hopefully lead to improvements of these areas.

For college students, technology can be very beneficial in enhancing the student life and keeping us safe. Digital books, the ability to shop online and have things delivered to your doorstep, notes that can accompany you everywhere, and even a companion to keep you safe as you walk home or to your dorm.

Myron Jones
Technology Columnist

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