Sororities recruit sisterhood at JSU

If you happened to be near the TMB lawn on Monday morning around 10 a.m., you may be wondering what the huge commotion of running and screaming girls was. Well, let me give you some insight: it was sorority recruitment. Every year on college campuses across the U.S., hundreds of girls sign up to participate in sorority recruitment.

Jacksonville State University is no different.

This year, JSU had over 160 girls sign up for recruitment with about 140 finding their homes within one of the five Panhellenic sororities here on campus.

Recruitment consists of five days. The first four days girls meet and get to know each of the sororities on campus.

Throughout these four days, the sororities and Potential New Members (PNWs) go through a decision making process, which narrows down the selection of girls that return to each sorority.

After the fourth day, the PNMs and the sororities make their final decisions on which sorority is best suited for them.

The fifth day, which is obviously the best day of them all, is Bid Day.

On Bid Day each sorority dresses up in accordance with their chosen Bid Day theme and gets ready to welcome their new members.

The PNMs get the daunting task of sitting on their bid cards until it’s time to open them, put on their new letters, and run to their new “home.”

So, if you happened to witness the massive group of girls screaming and running out of the TMB, feel special.

You were able to witness one of the most special moments in these girls’ lives.

When I look back and remember the year I got to run out in my new letters, I knew that there would never be another moment in my life quite like that one.

As a senior who just participated in her last year of recruitment, I can honestly say it’s been a bittersweet experience.

From my last Meet & Greet to my last Preference ceremony, the whole experience has been completely eye opening.

I’ve known since my year going through recruitment that sororities are not just letters you put on everyday to seem like you are a part of something.

Your letters represent the women who you will go through your college years with.

These women will become the bridesmaids in your wedding and the godmothers of your children.

They are there for you when you’re at your best, and they stand by you and support you when you are at your worst. Through the good times and the bad times, they stand by your side. Sororities truly are a sisterhood.

By Kristin Roberts

Special for the Chanticleer

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