Future SGA prepares for upcoming year

The upcoming Student Government Association President, Tyler Brown, prepares for the upcoming school year. The SGA is a very important part of the student life here at Jacksonville State University. The SGA is the student governing body of JSU, and it has been serving the students of this institution since 1946.

Tyler Brown is currently the Vice President of SGA. However, he has been elected for president. He will sign his contract on the April 20. Once the contract has been signed, he will take over the full presidential responsibilities. Until then, the acting President of SGA is still Brett Johnson.

Brown already has some ideas for next year. Some ideas include things like moving the student section and adding more charging stations throughout campus. Ultimately, Brown said, “I want to work on finding ways to reach new people.”

Brown will not meet with his executive officers until April 20. On this day, they will begin planning other events, activities, and changes in more detail. Until then, everything is just an idea. Regardless, Brown is very excited about his upcoming role as president.

“I am very honored to represent JSU,” said Brown.

The job comes with many duties. The president is expected to be at events and also must attend frequent meetings. “It is a fun job, but it is a hard job. Also, it’s a very diverse role,” said Brown.

As of now, Johnson and Brown are at the head of the SGA, but there are a lot of members. Technically, every student of this university is considered to be a member of this organization. This includes students that are dual-enrolled. As long as an individual has a student ID, they are considered a member.

However, the organization is divided into four branches. Within these branches, specific members are elected for positions. For example, the executive branch consists of six members. As of now, the members are Brett Johnson, Tyler Brown, Courtney Curtis, Andrew York, Kalyn Cabral and Ariel Tolson.

The other three branches are the legislative, judicial and activities branch. The legislative branch is also referred to as the Student Senate, and it consists of 35 members. The judicial branch, or the Student Judiciary Council, consists of eight justices. Each of the four branches serves a different function. For example, the Student Judiciary Council decides on issues such as whether or not an individual with a parking ticket is to be found guilty or not.

Together, the branches serve to better JSU. The advisor of SGA, Debbie Taylor, said, “We are the voice for the students. We are the liaison between the students and the administration.”

The SGA is very open to hearing the concerns of students. They listen to the concerns, but also take opinions and ideas that are offered. This open contact is made possible by the executive branch’s daily office hours. There are also weekly meetings in the SGA office that are held at various times.

If a student is interested in becoming more involved with SGA, they should consider joining. It opens the doors for many opportunities. The beginning requirements a student must meet are that they must have at least 12 hours and a 2.5 GPA. It is a rewarding experience.

“Even though we plan activities, our main goal is to cultivate leadership in our students,” said advisor, Debbie Taylor.

Katelyn Schneider
Staff Writer

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