Beet: good enough to rival current social media?

In today’s world almost everything is published somewhere on the internet. Whether that be on Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat it seems like more and more apps are coming out every day to rival these social network powerhouses.

One of these is Beet, “a social video platform that lets you easily capture, share, and remember the moments that make up your life,” as the developers claim. This app is on the iTunes store for a free download. An android compatible version of the app is set to release in April of 2015.

Beet was founded by Jonathan Miller and Sean Thielen in 2014 and is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Beet takes six second video clips and then compiles them into one larger video. This larger video can then be imported to something like the popular app Vine but instead of many little videos on your profile it is just one long video, much like a story on Snapchat.

Overall the app is solidly built and everything that I have tried to do has worked and worked well. One technical problem that I can point out is the way that you skip through videos can get a little buggy. This has caused some unwanted pauses, but other than that the app runs very smooth.

The user interface is very responsive and well put together; it flows like a combination of Snapchat and Instagram rolled into one. It also looks fantastic in my opinion. It is simple and not overcrowded with ads or useless “filler.”

Beet is very well built and the developers have put a lot of time into making sure everything works. The problem that I see with this app is not how it looks or if it is buggy or not. It is how you can convince people to use something different.

Most humans have Snapchats and Instagrams that do video just like this app does. The only difference that I can see is that instead of making them individual videos, it stitches them all together into one video.

What about this app makes it so much better to use? Why would I log onto this instead of just looking on my Snapchat story, which does the same thing as this app only you cannot comment or share the videos publicly?

This app is a great idea, it is kind of like the Walmart of video sharing applications; it has everything in one place, that way you don’t have to run around to all your other apps to get the same information. The interface is easy to learn and a pleasure to use. The only problem I can see with this is that people will not want to switch over from what they are already using.

Chris Morgan
Staff Writer

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