SAA hosts 7th annual Etiquette Dinner

On Wednesday March 4, 2015 JSU’s Student Alumni Association hosted their 7th annual Student Etiquette Dinner.

This year, SAA had the largest attendance to date. They required students to make RSVPs, and one hundred and fifty were in attendance, and Director of Alumni Relations Kaci Ogle said there was even a waiting list of around twenty students.
The goal of the dinner was to teach students a few tips about etiquette, in case they have a business dinner after they leave college and enter the work force.
“We want everyone to learn at least one thing tonight that can possibly help them in the corporate world when they graduate,” said Ogle.

The dinner was very interactive for students. Throughout the dinner, SAA had different students read from tip cards that were placed on the tables. For example, one of the cards read, “If you are ordering from a menu, do not order the most expensive item. Avoid finger foods or foods that are hard to eat. Order the same number of courses as your host.”

SAA Vice President Kelsia King said, “This event is one of my favorites because it really gives everyone a taste of something they could very possibly experience to get a job in the future, and I truly believe it helps us all to prepare for a situation like that.”

After the meal was over, several students involved in SAA had a “fashion show” to show what appropriate attire is for a business dinner.

“The Student Alumni Association is probably the most useful organization to be a part of here at JSU, because it really helps prepare you for life after college. In addition to the etiquette dinner, we learn how to present ourselves professionally, how to speak to future employers, do’s and don’ts for interviews, and tons of other things. Every student can benefit from what SAA has to offer,” King emphasized.

SAA even gave away several door prizes for those in attendance including a gift card to Effina’sTuscan Grille. To get information about SAA, contact Kaci Ogle by email at or SAA Advisor Alan Renfroe at

Lyndsey Bonner
Staff Writer

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