English Language Institute offers new course for students

Jacksonville State University offers a wide variety of courses and the range of classes only continues to expand.

Starting in Fall 2015, JSU will add EH 473, or Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language, to its growing course list.

The course is designed to set up teachers who are aspiring to teach non-native English speakers the English language.

The students will discover how individuals learn a language that is previously foreign to them.

Also, they will learn the skills necessary to create lesson plans as well as carry them out and assess how their students are obtaining the material.

Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language will be held on Tuesdays from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Salls Hall. This course has two separate sections available. Section 001 is for undergraduates, and Section 002 is for graduate students. In order to register for and take this class, some prerequisites must be completed. The prerequisites are a minimum grade of C in EH 102, EH 102H, or EH 104.

The class was proposed by and will be taught by Dr. Linda Yost. She wanted it to be an offered course here. “I wrote a proposal for this course last year because I believe many JSU students, especially prospective teachers, want to work with internationals,” said Dr. Yost.

She is very excited about the opportunity to teach this course again. It was taught once before by her in Fall 2014 as an experimental course.

She currently teaches international students in JSU’s English Language Institute, or ELI. She has also taught international students at three different colleges.

Teaching English as a second language is her field so she is more than qualified.
She believes that EH 473 will prove be beneficial to students who take the course.

“TESL is an interesting and exciting field offering great career opportunities, and given the changing population demographics in the U.S., teachers-in-training need to prepare to work with linguistically and culturally diverse groups of students,” said Yost.

Katelyn Schneider
Staff Writer

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