Movie review: Putting a magnifying glass on Focus

Actor Will Smith is certainly not an amateur when it comes to the big screen. Smith’s recent movie release Focus shows that his acting skills are well intact. The storyline of Focus embodies the swiftness of thieves, the entanglement of lies and the power of love.

His character Nicky Spurgeon comes from a line of con artists that always valued the luxuries and currencies earned or stolen from other people.

Spurgeon trains many to be witty and slick like him, but never found his match or anyone like him until he met Jess, played by Margot Robbie. Jess learns how to perfect the tricks of the trade, but could not avoid the charm of Nicky.

The two become romantically involved and partners in the business of playing on society’s lack of focus.

They generate millions of dollars by simple shoulder taps or bumping into some one that takes his or her attention long enough to take their watch off their wrist, or money from their wallet without their knowledge.

The two con artists accumulate a lot of money, but it is all put at risk with Nicky’s gambling habit and deception that threatens his life after conning a NASCAR driver.

Focus is truly a movie that is worth its ticket price. It certainly has the feel of a wicked love story, but it is more than that.

This movie points out the lack of focus that we as humans have, and how we can quickly lose sight of things or is easily caught off guard.

Within this movie is the entertainment of laughter, action, romance, and a twist at the end that will make your mouth drop.

Vallean Jackson
Staff Writer

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