Comparing adult intelligence to wisdom of youth

“Youth is wasted on the young” – this idea is centered on adolescents and young adults lacking the realization of how lucky they are to be young.

The idea that we, as an age group, do not appreciate the optimism, professional potential and unbridled spirit towards life one may lose in the harsh light that is the “real world.”

In a lot of ways this accusation is justifiable. The greatest struggle with youth is the forming of one’s identity. Who are you as a person morally and ethically; what are your passions?

I pose a counter argument. As children we are taught about adulthood: what is important, socially acceptable and just. The irony is that all adults want their “childlike wisdom” back when they reach adulthood. Growing up robs individuals of the most primary, youth-like wisdoms: being kind, respecting others, and without realizing, grasping that being different is a gift, not a burden.

To be young is to be present and mindful. Instagram, Facebook and the blogging/tweeting/social media epidemic that dictates the “power of cool” are stealing the most precious times of our lives.

Today’s youth should be more mindful of themselves, and at the same time mindful of others. My mother always said “I’m not raising kids, I am raising adults.”

It is with this mentality that I challenge us all to live with youth-like wisdom and mold ideals that can follow us to wherever our path may lead.

Marie Simpson
Staff Writer

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