Finding your soul mate at SGA’s Sweetheart Social

Candle lit tables and rose petals, dimmed lights and mood music and the Vice President of Student Senate calling, “Anyone lookin’ for a bae for Valentine’s Day?” awaited students as they entered the TMB Auditorium for the Student Government Association’s first annual Sweetheart Social. At seven thirty on Wednesday, February 11th, singles from across campus were given the chance to find Cupid’s perfect match for them with an evening of speed dating. Other activities were available as well, including a photo booth, valentine making station and a table of heart-shaped desserts.

Kalyn Cabral, the SGA Vice President of Student Affairs, headed the effort of putting together the night’s event.

“We have a mid-year retreat every year where we plan our activities for the year,” said Cabral.

“This year we handed out cards and took suggestions, and we had a few people say [that they’d like to see] a Valentine’s Day party. Then someone threw out speed dating, and we just went from there.”

Participants in the speed dating portion of the evening were given a discussion topic and two minutes’ time with each other before moving on to the next prospective date. Topics ranged from typical first date questions like “What’s your dream job?” and “Where do you want to be in five years?” to queries about what animal you would be or how your friends would describe you to the burning question, “If you could have any super power, what would it be?”

“This is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this,” Cabral said. “We want to make it even bigger.”

While the home basketball game may have diminished the crowd, the fun had by those who attended was not.

Freshman digital journalism major Lauren Jackson was impressed.

“I think the Sweetheart Social was a huge success! There was a very high attendance rate, and everyone looked like they were having lots of fun!”

Even if Cupid didn’t hit his mark, the SGA certainly did. The Sweetheart Social proved to be a whimsical way to spend a night, and it may have even sparked a budding romance, and the SGA may be able to add “matchmaking” to its list of student services in the future.

Katie Cline
Staff Writer

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