Gifting: when in doubt, subscribe it out

Subscription boxes, a monthly box filled with items that fit a specified theme, have become increasingly popular. The boxes are a nice upgrade from the standard gifts that many buy for those they don’t know well.

But what exactly are subscription boxes? These gifts are boxes that more often than not contain items from a specific brand, such as Ipsy cosmetics. Subscription boxes come in all different types. They also usually have a theme. This theme is used to determine the items that are inside the box, which are often kept a secret until the box is opened. For example, a subscription box that is themed for socks, most likely contains different socks from multiple brands. The socks would also vary in length, color, and pattern. While you know the theme, exactly what is in the box is still a mystery.

Subscription boxes can be specified for men or for women depending on who the box is being gifted to and the company that is providing the service. Boxes that can be given to women may include themes such as nail polish, homemade teas, or crafts. Boxes that are directed towards men can include beer, grooming tools, and more. There is one type of subscription box that even includes bacon.

Subscription boxes are not necessarily male or female specific. There are gender neutral boxes that can include items such as coffee. Boxes have even been created to be ordered specifically for the enjoyment of cats and dogs. Examples of these are BarkBox and KitNip.

Subscription boxes are also appropriate for all ages. They can be given to kids, young adults, adults, and even senior citizens. There is one type of subscription box that can be themed based on a particular book, book series, movie, video game, or anything else. An example of this, is the subscription box that is themed based on the popular book series and now movies, The Hunger Games. A box like this would make an excellent gift for a fan of the series.

The boxes do not always have to conform to one theme. Instead, the subscription boxes may be custom made. In this case, different types of items can be put into one box. For example, one box subscription service provides clothes based on a taste profile the company creates based on the subscribers answers to a list of questions. This service then develops boxes unique to each subscriber.

Subscription boxes are also rather cost efficient. Prices can range from $10 to $40 and sometimes more. Ultimately, it depends on what is put inside the box. For the contents of the box, the subscription boxes are generally considered very inexpensive, with the actual worth of the conents of the box ranging from $5 to $40 above the subscription price.

These boxes do not have to be gifts. They can be kept for whoever is purchasing the item. They can also be received through subscriptions like magazines. Individuals can receive a box once a month for an extended length of time if that is what he or she signs up for.

If interested in this idea, YouTube offers numerous different channels and videos that show examples of subscription boxes. Sometimes, the videos include YouTubers opening their recently received subscription boxes. A popular channel that shows unboxing videos often features boxes from LootCrate. LootCrate is a subscription box company that is very well known and focuses on creating boxes for people who are interested in what would be designated as geeky. These unboxing videos provide excellent examples on what sort of things one may expect when opening a subscription box.

These boxes are becoming increasingly popular. They can be given as gifts for any time of year whether it be a holiday such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas or whether it is just a birthday. This is definitely a gift idea that should be considered, both for friends and family, and for self.

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