Jacksonville car wash provides surprise service

Tucked away in the bustling area between Loco Mex and Pizza Hut on Highway 21, there is a place that serves as a one stop self-serve wash, but it isn’t just an ordinary car wash. This facility allows people to also wash man’s best friend—their pets.
It is easy to miss this concealed building that sits back from the highway. Though this seemingly random piece of architecture is away from the main strip, it serves a great purpose to the Jacksonville area. The Pet Wash/Car Wash caters to those who love their cars and their pets.
Everyone who owns a pet knows what it is like to have Fido smell slightly like outdated milk. The Pet Wash/Car Wash is a one-stop spot for pet grooming and car washing needs.
As customers eliminate the animal hair on the seats or paw prints that seem to have their perpetual mark on the windows, they can also clean the animal that caused the mess.
There is no need for an employee to be present to wash and clean the car because all the equipment to do so is on-site.
When customers enter the parking lot of the Pet Wash/Car Wash, the option to go left or right will determine the price for service.
The cost of the car wash is $1.75 in quarters and the entire vehicle can be cleaned inside and out. The equipment is offered along with seven steps to clean and detail the car.
The business might not appear to be the forefront of the small business district due to all the restaurants surrounding it, but it is certainly a convenience for students and surrounding Jacksonville residents.

Vallean Jackson
Staff Writer

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