Chowing down at Chow’s Seafood & Asian Bistro

Alex McFry/Chanticleer
Alex McFry/Chanticleer

Alex McFry/Chanticleer

Ever get out of class craving fried rice or egg rolls? Look no further than just past the Square in Jacksonville down the road from Jacksonville State University. Across the street from Jack’s lies Chow’s Seafood and Asian Bistro.

While the outside is a bit skeptical to a new customer, the atmosphere of the inside definitely sets your mood to ‘chow down’. The staff was very friendly and attentive to their customers which definitely contributed to the relaxed feel of the place.

The food itself may appear simple, but will make up for it in flavor. The crab ragoons in particular were rather wonderful. All the food we ordered was quickly served and beautifully presented. As far as meals go, I was told the sweet and sour chicken was quite popular, and it did meet its reputation.

The menu’s range is impressive, containing everything from items General Tso’s chicken to pad thai to fried green tomatoes. Needless to say, there is almost certainly something on the menu to satisfy everyone in your group’s palette. As an added plus, they also feature a lunch menu, offer carry out, and are open seven days a week.

Overall, it is a pretty cool hole-in-the-wall for all those out there who have a love for Asian cuisine. Although the outside is questionable, the service and food definitely outshine it to where it’s not even noticeable upon leaving. The set-up of the tables and booths on the inside are quaint and are well suited for small groups and couples looking to either munch on spring rolls between classes or take their time enjoying the pupu platter.

If anything else, pick up a to-go menu and be sure to check out their specials for a worth-while excuse to treat yourself. I, for one, definitely know I will be returning.

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