Board of Trustees: Respiratory Therapy degree in the works

Jacksonville State University’s Board of Trustees began the new year with multiple items on the agenda during their first meeting held on January 26.

The meeting opened with SGA President Brett Johnson presenting the results of a student survey that found that overall students desire a higher quality of academic advisement.

Johnson explained that the students feel academic advisement should be a more involved year-round process rather than only at certain times during the semester. Johnson clarified that advisement as a whole is not unsatisfactory, but according to students, “in some areas it is more personal than others.”

The report surveyed between 300-400 students and addressed topics such as their top reasons for attending JSU, top methods for keeping students enrolled and top ways to increase recruitment.

Results demonstrated that students feel that more involved academic advisement, and additional course offerings would keep more students continually enrolling.

Students that participated in the survey indicated proximity and affordability as their main reasons for attendance, and suggested both more online degrees and cheaper online tuition would increase recruitment.

The Board honored JSU head football coach John Grass as the American Football Coaches Association Regional Coach of 2014. Grass said that he was proud of his players’ achievement on the field, but that he was more proud of their academic achievements.

The Board also honored JSU head soccer coach Neil McDonald as 2014 Ohio Valley Conference Coach of the year.

The Board adopted a proposal for a B.S. degree in Respiratory Therapy for the College of Nursing and a Doctorate Degree in Nursing.

“The board approved notices of intent to submit proposals for those degree programs to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. The proposed new programs are currently scheduled to be implemented in Fall of 2016, if approved,” Johnson said.

Adam Higgins
Staff Writer

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