Martin Hall hosts first biology seminar of the year

Professors at Martin Hall presented the first of many biology seminars on Friday, January 23 at 3 p.m.

The seminar was entitled “Rising Tide: Sustaining Coastal Wetlands in a Changing World” with guest speaker Dr. Julia Cherry from the University of Alabama. Cherry is an Associate Professor of Biological Science and New College, a program to help students design their own majors. She began her presentation by explaining her study of the Louisianna wetlands and how her research will help to stablize the marshlands to keep sediments in place.

“The purpose of these seminars are to show the students that it is important to learn and resaerch different fields of study and to be exposed to new methods and topics in the region. It is a collaberation between us and other professors at other universities, which brings diversity in ideas, topics and problems,” Dr. James Rayburn said.

Martin Hall professors Dr. George Cline, Dr. Lori Tolley-Jordan, and Rayburn are a few members of a group of professors who gather and plan out seminars for the semesters. They invite other professors from surrounding colleges to come and speak to their students about their specific fields of study. Students like sophomore Willow Banks came and listened to Cherry talk about her decade long research.

“I am an Ecology major, so I found this seminar to be very exciting and intriquing to hear,” Banks said.

The number of students there may have been low, only 35 were seated in the massive classroom, but the knowledge they gained from such an outstanding individual is something they will not forget.

“What I want students to take away from this is that our ecosystem is very valuable and that it needs our help to protect it. Doing so will prevent climate changes and even more drastic changes to the land and the organisms living there. The wetlands of Louisiana are important, they are being threatened and it is up to us to protect them,” Cherry said.

Brittany Robertson
Staff Writer

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