Department Spotlight: The Bursar’s Office

Bibb Graves—it is not a hard place to miss. On the first floor of this building is an office of beautiful, well organized and energized women.

The women of the Bursar’s Office definitely believe in working until the wee hours of the night. In the part of the night when the temperatures drops and the frost shields windows and covers the cars entirely, the Bursar’s Office is still at work.

Bursar Alice Wudarczyk is the head of the hub of the Bursar’s Office and she loves all of her fellow staff members as though they were her own family. “I’m here with you guys more than I am at home,” Wudarczyk once said to her office.

“No, we don’t mind coming to work each day because the students are the number one priority,” Secretary Tina Trussell said.

Though it was after hours, upon entering their office, they were working like they were working like they were still on the clock.

Mandi Austin, who is over student account refunds, was working on getting refunds ready to be disbursed.

“Refunds are our busiest times,” Trussell said.

The Bursar’s Office works through the process of getting students back their refunds, gets students reinstated, sets up payment plans and deals with loans.

Everyone works very well together and everything is very maintained.

“We all have our own set job, but we do a little bit of everything to help each other,” says Tonya New, loan collections.

There are thousands of students on the campus of JSU, but the Bursar’s Office works on an individual level that appeals to each and every student.

“Sometimes when students are faced with the unknown, I crack a joke or two to break the tension and help comfort them to see the brighter side of the situation,” said Shawna Beadles, student account collections/payment plans.

“I also remind students that we want them here,” said Beadles.

When that financial hurdle gets in the way, it is certain the staff of the Bursar’s Office is working diligently for solutions of ways to accommodate the student.

When asked how it’s all done and able to come together, Austin said, “We transition easily.”

Cashier Amanda Cash, who was unable to attend the interview, was glued to her computer working away.

“We burn the midnight oil trying to get everything done,” Trussell said. The office works around the clock with the students in mind.

“To support the students is the ultimate goal,” said Wudarczyk.

The work that goes into keeping JSU functioning takes a lot of work, but it is well done with plenty of dedication and love to get the job done.

Vallean Jackson
Staff Writer

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