A day in the life of the registrar

The sounds of printers humming and phones ringing can be heard outside the Registrar’s Office by eight o’clock each morning. The female staff is busy at work doing so much more than they receive credit for. They are the behind the scenes organization at Jacksonville State University.

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for a plethora of things: transcript requests (official as well as unofficial, dropped classes and withdrawals, name changes as well as major changes; however, these ladies do so much more than just those things. They provide students with transient letters, letters that allow students to take classes elsewhere while still being considered a JSU student. If a student is eligible to take a course at JSU they may be able to take summer classes closer to home that will transfer back to JSU to count toward the degree they are pursuing.

Transfer evaluations go to the Registrar’s Office, allowing students from other colleges whom are seeking a degree at JSU to do so. The Registrar’s Office is also in charge of the JSU catalog provided for students online. They take care of audits, major changes, and most importantly the Registrar’s Office is in charge of processing graduation and getting together the diplomas that students are seeking.

In addition to these job descriptions, employees of the Registrar’s Office have become experts in crisis management as well. Students who have come in frantically after finding that their classes have been dropped, they are facing financial complications, or other hardships are a normal occurrence.

In February 2006, Emily White became the assistant registrar. In September 2013, she was given the job title registrar.

“We get to see students from the beginning, then watch them at graduation where they have reached their goal.”

In addition to helping students with employment, employees of this office also help students get into graduate school leaving the office workers feeling as if they have played a hand in the success of a student.

“The main goal is to help our students succeed,” Ms. White said.

“We answer all the questions we receive. If we don’t know the answer we find out the answer.”

Ashley Colvin
Staff Writer

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