Getting Linked: Business 101

The sixth semiannual Get Linked event took place Monday, November 10 at the Jacksonville Hampton Inn, bringing students from JSU as well as Jacksonville locals interested in business to the meeting to gather advice from local experts.

Get Linked offers attendants the priceless advice pertaining to life after college. With many students asking where to go following graduation, the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce saw fit to create an educational seminar regarding building resumes, interview etiquette, and securing networking connections.

The Get Linked event is held each semester and features a broad array of panelists, which consist of local business leaders. In addition to getting questions answered, Get Linked allows students to connect with businesses looking for apprentices.

According to Emily Duncan, head of Public Relations at the event, it is a win-win for both the student and the businesses.

“Internships are the modern day apprenticeships and it creates a fresh set of eyes for the employers,” said Duncan.

Some students were spurred by the promise of bonus point by professors, while others come hoping to network and get as much advice as possible from prominent leaders and business-owners in the area.

Aldarius Martin, a junior majoring in Business Management, attended the event by recommendation of some friends.

“I have tried several different majors but with business, everything tied in,” he said. Martin and other guests asked the four-person panel multiple questions concerning advice towards one day fulfilling the dream of owning a business.

This shared dream among the students and the panelists fit nicely with the Get Linked theme of the event. Angela Kemp of AOD Bank had this to say concerning networking: “The key to any success is to work hard and use the people in your path.”

The panelists then switched towards how to use those connections in the interviewing process.

“Be on time. Being on time is critical. Take some initiative when someone does not want to do it,” said Anthony Kingston of Jacksonville City Schools.

When in the process of interviewing for a job or position, being punctual can make all the difference. If competitors fail to heed this advice, it reflects poorly upon possible employers.

Personality is the other vital factor of not only getting the job but promotions as well. Rodney Snider of the Cheaha Brewing Company said once earning an interview, “it is mostly about personality, communication, and how you work with people,” that determines if you get the job.

Even after college, the learning is not over. Schooling is the method that will teach you how to learn.

While an education can teach you the rules and regulations, each company has their own set of standards that they follow. While in the interviewing process it is essential to show enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn.

“You learn on the job, making mistakes teach you how to do things right. A company is going to teach you how to do your job well, you just have to show them you can learn,” said Jacki Thacker of Alabama Power.

Lauren Jackson
Staff Writer

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