JSU Homecoming king and queen announced at pep rally

Steve Latham/JSU

Homecoming Week reached its peak on Thursday, October 30 at Burgess-Snow field with the annual homecoming pep rally and the crowning of this year’s Homecoming king and queen.

There was tension and anticipation in the cold October air as the Homecoming Court was announced and candidates took to the field. By popular vote, Santiago Hechart and Kaleigh Garner took the respective crowns.

Hechart, a junior majoring in Economics, graduated from Oxford High School before attending JSU. He is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Most recently, he has been seen on campus as a JSU GO! Leader for Freshman Orientation. As friends and family flooded the field following the announcement, Hechart appeared relatively calm, but he could not keep the ear-to-ear smile from spreading across his face.

“It’s awesome!” he exclaimed when asked how it felt to be able to represent JSU as King. “JSU’s done a lot for me. I’m honored to get to do this.”

Garner is a freshman Communication major who graduated from Gadsden City High School. She is a Ballerina in the Marching Southerners and a member of Phi Mu sorority. “I’m really excited,” she said, “I’m honored to represent the faculty and student body of JSU. Throughout my campaign, I told people that there was nothing I’d like more. I’m just really excited!”

To be elected as Homecoming queen, Garner had to qualify for the top ten via the homecoming pageant held on October 15 and then two rounds of online voting.

Behind the glitz and glamour of homecoming, it is a very special campus organization: the SGA.

SGA is responsible for organizing all the homecoming activities, from the homecoming pageant to the homecoming parade itself. “I love the anticipation of the Homecoming king and queen announcement,” said Brett Johnson, a senior majoring in Political Science and Communication and the 2014-2015 SGA president. “My second favorite tradition would be the homecoming pageant. It’s not something that many places do anymore, and this year, we had standing room only.”

The homecoming parade that everyone loves? That is the work of the SGA, too. “Everyone knows that it happens, but they don’t know it’s us,” said Johnson. “They just know it’s a tradition.”

Homecoming involves hard work on the parts of everyone involved. From the Homecoming Court candidates to the organizations crafting floats to the SGA, everyone has spent hours making sure that every sequin is in place to make 2014’s homecoming the best yet.

All this doesn’t even take the high anticipation of the football game into consideration.

Katie Cline
Staff Writer

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