How-to: Avoiding advisement anxiety

It’s that time of the semester once again, Gamecocks. Academic advisement begins next week.

For seniors, this is the last time to gather class times, fill out a trial schedule, make that tiresome trek to meet with an advisor, and get the go-ahead to register.

For freshmen, this is the first time to register with an academic advisor, which is a brand new concept to factor into the chaos that will make up your freshman year of college. Never fear: you’ll have at least seven more times of advisement before it’s time to grab your cap and gown.

One of the most important things to remember when registering for classes is how your time will be managed next semester. With the help of the schedule planner, (found on the left side of your MyJSU links) you can pick the classes that you want and put them into your “cart,” then simply hit submit when registration opens.

In addition to this, you can get a mock schedule for what any given week of next semester will look like. This can be extremely useful to make sure you get a decent lunch break. It’s also an easy way to ensure that you don’t have to sprint from one end of campus to the next without any time in between classes.

In addition to time management, you should make sure that you’re taking a “balanced” schedule. Imagine sitting down at for dinner and eating nothing but vegetables. Now compare that to taking nothing but courses that are required…but not necessarily something that interest you.

Find a class that both fulfills a requirement for your major or minor and is something you find yourself genuinely interested in. This ensures that at least twice a week you will find yourself sitting in a classroom that you actually have a desire to be in.

If you can’t find at least one class that does this every semester, it might be time to reevaluate your major or minor.

Once the classes have been chosen and trial schedules have been given signatures of approval, it’s time for the most monotonous part of the process—waiting. Depending on your class standing (how many hours you have taken so far, not including the current semester), you could be registering Monday and getting one of the first seats in a class…or finding that you missed the cut when registration opens on Friday.

No matter when you register, know the date. If there’s a class that has limited seats, set an alarm and be ready to get up and register ASAP to make sure you have a greater chance of getting into that course. Being prepared is the best way to guarantee your schedule works out the way you planned it to.

Now is the time to decide if you can avoid those awful 7:30 a.m. classes or try to manipulate your schedule so that you can have Fridays off and get a semester full of permanent three-day-weekends. Starting Monday (or Friday, all you athletes and Elite Honors Scholars,) get ready to pick your fate for next semester.

Alex McFry
Associate Editor

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