Halloween for the commoner

The week is upon us. It is the week when people all over the world are finalizing costumes, buying more candy than necessary and ensuring the front porch light is bright enough to see from the street.

It’s nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life to enjoy something you may realize you should have cherished more as a child—Halloween.

I remember getting dressed up and driving all over my hometown, pairing up with friends and family to see which house gave out the best candy. There was always that sweet elderly couple that weighed our bags down with apples and oranges. My candy-seeking days are long gone, but my desire to get completely decked out for Halloween remains.

In my youngest Halloween days, I was always a princess. As I got a little older, my desire to be a princess morphed into the desire to be a witch. There was one year that I broke the trend—I was Sailor Moon.

To be honest, I had more creativity with high school video projects than I did for Halloween.

The older we get, the more opportunity and resources we have to take advantage of the holiday.

Today, creativity has sparked many costume lovers. If you walk down any suburban street on Halloween, you can see anything from Taco Bell’s taco sauce packets to Pac man and beloved Disney princesses to terrifying reinventions of horror movies.

I feel a little left out. I would gladly trade the generic princess costume of my childhood for a Rapunzel one. I’d trade my witch costume of yesteryear for a Maleficent costume.

There are so many possibilities for the eager costumer today, and the more specific the costume, the more impressive.

Apart from going to a costume party, what is the point in spending all that money on an outfit that you’ll only wear once?

Some adults get dressed up for their trick-or-treaters, but some of us never have any visitors hoping for candy on the one day that door knocking is acceptable.

Unless you have children, most adults do not participate in the Halloween festivities.

There is another way to be involved in this exciting time of year: haunted attractions.

It seems like haunted houses, factories and corn mazes are popping up everywhere. This is the perfect opportunity for thrill-seekers to get their fix.

Although some haunted attractions do not pay their workers, some do, so why not get a head start on that dreaded holiday shopping by scaring a few people with a plastic axe?

Of course, as much fun as it is to scare other people, it’s also fun to be the one getting scared.

So, even though eating pounds of candy and decking out in costumes that seem to be designed for the big screen isn’t for us all, there are other ways to take part in this holiday. Enjoy it for all the possibilities.

Marie McBurnett

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