Flying pies on the TMB lawn

The Public Relations Organization hosted its first of three events for this semester. Pie a PROud Gamecock took place on October 24.

“The organization is working really hard,” says PRO President Rebecca Batchelder. This is Batchelder’s first semester as president of the organization, and so far, she is proud of what she is seeing. “We have three events scheduled for the remainder of this semester,” says Batchelder. Pie a PROud Gamecock was a huge success, and was highly supported.

PRO members, advisors, and about twenty-five other organizations from around campus also participated in this event. Pie a PROud Gamecock was “a way to get people involved, and interact among other organizations,” says publicity representative and member Christina MacDonald. Besides the goal of becoming a part of the Public Relations Students Society of America, the recent event was a way to make fundraising fun and get the campus involved.

“What better way to get people to come out then to pay three dollars for the chance to pie your friend or fellow member in the face for a good laugh, and to show support of the event,” says MacDonald. “However, the biggest motivate of this event and those to come are to build better relationships around campus. Which is also a great way for JSU to become more unified,” MacDonald said.

The International Student Organization (ISO) and advisors of PRO have been working closely to put the last event and future events together.

future events together. One of the advisors of PRO, Dr. Jeffery Hedrick came to the event on Friday, and certainly received his share of the pie with a pie to the face by Rebecca Batchelder.

“Dr. Ihator is the main advisor of PRO, and he has been a great help with the planning of the event, and the PRSSA process. He is a wonderful advisor and such an inspiration to me and all of our members,” Batchelder says.

Prior to the last event on Friday, PRO has volunteered in the community by cleaning up school playgrounds and working with local high schools.

PRO is not just focused on their goal of recognition as PRSSA, but the goal to bring others together and help throughout the community. The organization focuses on diversity and unification.

PRO is working to achieve acceptance into the PRSSA. PRO is working to pay for the cost of application fees and increase funding to reach their goal of becoming PRSSA. Being a part of the PRSSA organization helps students gain exposure across the state, nationwide, and possibly open doors to their future career goals and endeavors.

PRO has been accepted into PRSSA and is a few steps away from officially becoming a part of the organization. “I think that the event was a great turn out, and it would be awesome to see this event continue in the future,” says Batchhelder.

Vallean Jackson
Staff Writer

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