Honors Program holds first “meet and greet”

This past Friday, October 10, under the string-light glow of the Alumni House, Jacksonville State University’s Honors Program celebrated their first, and hopefully annual, “Meet and Greet.”

Here, graduates, Elites and current members of the JSU Honors Program gathered around for the chance to mingle, dress to the nine’s and boogie on the dance floor for the ground-breaking event.

Jacksonville State offers many honors classes for its student body, and while many students on campus take these honors courses and are members to the honors program, it was soon realized how spread out the ones involved seemed to be.

In order to bring a sense of familiarity and togetherness for those outside of the Elites or those who have graduated from the program, the desire to bring the students together for a night of fun was born.

This was also the first event in which alumni of the program and current students have the opportunity to connect and catch up in the goings-on of those who have graduated and have moved into the grad school or working world.

Aside from seeing familiar faces, events such as these allow students to gain new perspectives as to what the honors program has to offer them as students as well as networking with alumni of the association.

The evening began with the formal routine of any social event.

After hunger had been satisfied and everyone was seated, President Emily Smith and Vice President Alex McFry addressed the members and announced the plans in store for the program for the duration of the year, such as service projects and events.

Some events include the program caroling at local nursing homes, a toy drive and future renovation to the Honors House.

Taking advantage of the raised moral, the enthusiasm of the room was met with questioning as everyone was escorted through a series of party meet-and-greet games which soon had the entire facility buzzing with laughter.

Spirits were high as hits from the 2000s began to play, tables were moved aside, and jackets and heels were removed leaving the students to the dance floor.

Rain signified the conclusion of the event, but as the members of the JSU Honors Program, both past and present, proceeded out the door, even the downpour was unable to dampen the enjoyment of its members in attendance that evening.

Megan Wise
Staff Writer

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