Freshmen Forum tie-dyes T-shirts on Dillon Field

Dillon Field was filled with the sounds of music and celebration last Thursday as members of Freshman Forum got together to throw their own Tie-Dye party.

Each Freshman Forum member brought their own white t-shirt to color. To dye the shirts, students laid down tarps on the grass, then dunked the t-shirts in cold water. After dunking, the shirts were rolled up and secured with rubber bands to make different sections. Finally, students added food coloring to get the tie dye look.

The students present seemed to enjoy the event. “It’s a lot of fun,” said Aaron Bostick.

Social events like the Tie-Dye party are put on every week for Freshman Forum members. “We try to do events like this every week. It’s fun and exciting for them, and they can get together and hang out with each other,” explained Joshua Robinson, Graduate Assistant at the Office of Student Life. According to Robinson,

Freshman Forum members are required to attend at least half of all events. Freshman Forum has more events planned for the future, according to Freshman Forum mentor Blake Wilson. “We’re working on getting a community service project planned for November, and we will have our One Day Without Shoes event in the spring as well,” said Wilson.

Taylor Brown
Staff Writer

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