‘October Blitz’ is a new beginning for degree evaluation

Each year, seniors (or “super seniors,” as some are referred to) scramble to get ready for graduation. Did I take all the right tests? Did I get every credit I needed for my degree? What about my cap and gown? Thanks to the Registrar’s office and Academic Advisement office, at least one part of this seemingly tedious process has been made much simpler.

The two departments located in Bibb Graves have orchestrate a month-long event dedicated to Degree Evaluation called October Blitz, and its main objective it to increase students’ knowledge of what Degree Evaluation is all about. JSU’s online degree evaluation makes it easier for undergraduate students to stay on track for degree completion.

Dr. Turner, Provost Vice President of Academic and Student affairs directs Registrar Emily White and Director of Academic Advisement Michelle Green to assist in making this cause recognized and improved.

“This is a month long event because we started this project last October and would like to end it this October. This idea has been a year long process, and we are excited to see it flourish,” Green said.

“The purpose of this event is to educate students on how to use Degree Evaluation and to have students graduate on time,” said White.

These two women have provided clips and tutorials to reiterate the importance of degree evaluation.

Getting on board is simple. All it takes is logging into your MyJSU account. There is a tutorial that gives step-by-step instructions.

Another helpful tool being offered is the mobile stations that will be set up in Merrill Hall, Martin Hall and the TMB on days of October 22, 23, 27-30 from 10:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. These mobile stations will have computer access and someone there to assist students in the process or answer any questions they might have about using Degree Evaluation.

“We have already seen an increase in students accessing their degree evaluations,” stated White.

“We are starting early with first year students to get them adjusted to the process,” said Green in regard to freshmen familiarizing themselves with the degree evaluation program, too.

For more information on the program, various faculty members mentioned above (as well as academic advisors,) can be contacted about this quick and easy process.

“I look forward to a long-term process that goes beyond just a month in the goal to help students graduate,” Green said, “By being the person that puts together the graduation process, to see more students graduate, and achieve their goals would mean the most to me.”

This event puts the stress of graduation into perspective, but the process is long-term. Students have to be willing to help themselves before the degree evaluation program can help them.

“It is a collaborative effort on everyone’s part to see this through,” White reminded students. Besides the prize of a stress-free graduation when the time comes, candy will given to those who participate at the October Blitz. In addition to this, the first 150 students get a free T-shirt. In the words of the program, “Do not hesitate, just evaluate!”

Vallean Jackson
Staff Writer

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