Department of History and Foreign Languages to sponsor Latin film festival

The month of October will not only be for the preparation of Halloween and homecoming, but the month of culture as well. Dr. Alexandra Martinez, a professor of the Department of History and Foreign Languages will bring some exclusive footage to Jacksonville that originates from Latin America.

The festival is a part of the Spanish Film Club’s, “Celebrating the New Wave of Ibero American Cinema.”

What goes better with popcorn than a good film, and thanks to Martinez, it will be a month of films starting Thursday, October 2. Martinez is introducing the culture of the people of Latin America and Central America to Northeast Alabama.

Each week, the film festival will feature new releases from Latin American directors. These releases are not on DVD for the public to purchase from stores and are not released in theaters. The JSU community has the luxury of being the first to view these films.

“I do not have a favorite movie that is being showed because this will be my first time seeing them as well, besides the trailers to them,” said Martinez.

The overall concept of this film festival came from Martinez herself. “It is a great way to learn about another culture and what is meaningful to Latin Americans in their countries,” she stated when asked about what brought the idea along.

She also hopes that students leave with “the interest in Latin American culture and language, and realize that even though we are in different countries we have a lot of similarities.”

She is very passionate about this film festival and the impact it will have on students. Starting today, a new Latin American film will be featured every Thursday at the same time until the end of October.

Admission is free and the films will be shown in Wallace Hall starting at 5 p.m. each Thursday. The room has a wide screen which has the perfect atmosphere that will give off a movie theater feeling.

Before the start of each film, Martinez will give a brief description of the film and its background.

The film festival is headed by Martinez and sponsored by the Department of History and Foreign Languages, a grant from the Spanish Ministry on Education and Culture, and Pragda, a company that distributes Latin and Spanish films.

Posters are located in Stone Center with a brief description of each film that will be shown.

This film festival will last the whole month of October because “films have to be digested to have a greater impact than when they are shown back-to-back,” said Martinez.

These films are not just for entertainment, but a learning experience as well. Whether it is only for one Thursday or the whole month, the department encourages students to take part in this unique event.

It is designed to be a way to explore another culture as well as see the diversity from what seems like another world.

Vallean Jackson
Staff Writer

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