2014 Elite Honors Scholars presented to President

This Tuesday on the 11th floor of the Houston Cole Library the 2014 Elite Honors Scholars were officially introduced into the program and presented before President Meehan.

Here at JSU, the Honors Program helps provide academically gifted students with an enriched educational experience in a diverse range of courses, as well as help students fulfill their potential in their chosen fields.

Every year, eight incoming freshman are selected and awarded the prestigious Elite Honors Scholarship. Spirits were high as each new addition was called forward and presented before family and staff into the program amongst their peers.

Much like the sorority and fraternity systems, the Honors Program Elites have adopted a tradition of “links” to help new members settle into college life and guide them throughout their time settling into JSU. Each new Elite Scholar found out with whom they had been “linked” on Tuesday night.

Before the presentation of the Elites, both President Meehan and Dr. Steven Whitton spoke on what it means to be an Elite Scholar at Jacksonville State University.

It was evident to see the pride that is associated with this program from the faculty as President Meehan praised the incoming and current members of the Elite Honors for their hard work, long hours and continuation of good habits and practices that had brought them all here.

Although directed at the freshman, his words of advice rang true for all current students at Jacksonville State University. “Education is not a vitamin we can take, but rather something to be exercised, and should be treated as a lifetime practice,” Meehan advised each of the Elites.

“The dream is here,” Whitton stated with confidence during his address to the group. Having once been the director over the Honors Program, his love for these students involved shone as he pointed out how the program has flourished over the last year.

This year, over 300 students are actively involved within the Honors Program, which is 25% more than last year.

When describing the role the Elites play within the Honors Program, Meehan regarded them as the very foundation. “They are actively molding the program for future scholars,” Meehan noted.

As well as being academic role models within the school, the program also encourages active volunteer work. From collecting shoes for local charities to raising money for Relay for Life, the Elite Honors members have certainly given back to the community in a way that should not be overlooked.

After much anticipation, “links” were announced and the class of 2018’s Elite Honors Scholars were presented. A reception for the freshmen Elites and their parents followed after the presentation.

For more information on enrollment in the honors program, go to http://www.jsu.edu/cas/honors or contact Ms. Janet Whitmore, the Honors Program Coordinator, at the Honors House across from Stone Center.

Megan Wise
Staff Writer


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