Student Senate meeting sets goals for campus

On Monday, September 8th, the SGA Senate held their first weekly meeting in the TMB auditorium.

The presented agenda listed topics for the current meeting, minutes from the previous meeting and attached forms on the bills to be discussed.

Officer reports to student senators made every point in respect to the student body. From the topics of homecoming to parking, these senate members are strategizing plans and ideas to improve traditions, meet the request of what students are asking for and start new traditions here on campus.

JSU is known for being the friendliest campus in the south and the SGA is making sure it holds its name.

Homecoming is not until November, but the homecoming committee already has ideas orchestrated.

The complaint of parking has been heard and is in affect to some resolutions. Academics are being recognized from those of the Dean’s or President’s Lists. Academic assistance is being offered through the ACE learning center on campus, which is housed on the third floor of the TMB. Food drives and blood drives are going on to help reach out to others in need.

The events, drives, and donations are not just spur of the moment. They all represent the SGA Senate’s voice taking action to show students that they are listening and working—working to help other students and people who might not be a part of the JSU family.

More of the campus updates that the senate is working on include social media, publicity, bringing back the yellow bus and planning upcoming festivities.

Social media help keep the JSU name circulating outside of fellow Gamecocks. Social media also helps to spread the word of events or important information.

One of the senators also mentioned how students need to start riding the yellow route of the Gamecock Express more often to continue its accommodations for late night transportation.

The SGA Senate is open to hearing the student body. In fact, the term, “student body report” is listed within their agenda. From SGA President Brett Johnson to each senator and officer sitting on that board, they are eager to hear the thoughts of each student here at JSU.

To keep the JSU slogan alive and highly displayed, teamwork must also be effective. JSU students must work together to voice their opinions as a student body so the senate has something to stand up for.

Vallean Jackson
Staff Writer

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