Confessions of an Apple addict

This week, I fell victim to another surge of pop culture roulette—that game where you pick up your phone to check an email and end up taking 15 quizzes on Buzzfeed, opening at least three articles about cute cats and doing everything but checking that one email that you needed to check in the first place.

The garbage I fell victim to this time? “Ten Things Every White Girl Does in Fall.” I can proudly say that not one of these crazes applied to my own life…except number eight. When I saw “wait in line for the new iPhone,” I realized I might be more “white girl” than I originally thought.

If you’re anything like me, you bit your nails with anticipation of the new iPhone announcement this Tuesday. If you aren’t, you were probably doing something a little more productive with your Tuesday. The Apple Live event had Apple fanatics around the world on the edge of their seats. After almost a year of Apple anxiety caused by rumors of the design of the new iPhone 6, it was finally revealed to the public.

There’s a mental checklist I go through each time I leave my dorm: keys, wallet, iPhone. With the newest model, I fear that I might not be able to be conveniently drop my phone in my pocket and be on my way.

Having only ever had one iPhone (the 5), I can’t get very critical about the new design. There have been people long before me who are much more dedicated to this brand who have that right. This being said, I can’t see the reasoning behind an iPhone whose size encroaches that of the iPad Mini.

The announcement for the new iPhone made me realize what a “smartphone nation” we have become. I’m sure most have heard it from a professor in some form or another—we are all addicted to our smartphones.

Earlier this week, one of my classes got in a discussion about generational characteristics. This stemmed a realization—the next generation won’t know what it’s like to live in a world without smartphones. Even today’s generation finds it hard to recall a time when people were essentially “disconnected” from the world. It is virtually impossible to not be virtual.

For so many people, smartphones have become much more than just phones—cameras, calculators, flashlights, and countless other utilities allow people to do just about anything with just a small piece of metal and wiring.

On the other side of this never-ending argument, people say we are willingly tying our hands behind our backs with each shiny new phone upgrade is released. Is it really worth all of the hype? Is it really worth missing all the real world experiences happening everyday, all around us, for the tiny pixelated screen in front of our faces?

So now, we wait. We wait, sipping our pumpkin spice lattes and sporting our new infinity scarves, waiting in line at the Apple Store for the iPhone 6. Happy fall, all you Apple crusaders out there!

Alex McFry
Associate Editor

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