Autumn Earth Day in Jacksonville

JSU’s Earth Club partnered with the Choccolocco Creek Watershed Alliance to offer a film screening at the Jacksonville Community Center last Saturday, September 6.

The short Southern Exposure film “Forever Wild,” which documented the story of Alabama’s Forever Wild Land Trust organization, and the featured documentary “America’s Amazon,” which focused on the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, one of the most ecologically rich—and threatened—places in the world.

David Rickless, a geography major at JSU and president of Earth Club, has been involved with the organization since his freshman year.

“The main thing coming into college was I wanted to be part of some sort of environmental or sustainability stuff—whatever was going on—and help make more things out of it. And it was something I was really in to in high school, so that was one of the first things I did when I got here.”

The Earth Club tries to host one to two events each semester. It encourages students to get involved with their meetings in Martin Hall on the last Thursday of each month at 6PM. Its goal is to promote environmental action and awareness and a cleaner, greener college campus.

After the movie screenings, guests were invited to attend a nature photography workshop on the Chief Ladiga Trail, which was led by JSU associate professor of photography and award-winning photographer, Doug Clark.

“When you get to teach an intro to photography class like I do, you’re really teaching people how to see,” said Clark, “Through this, I think you can help all of their other studies because through learning how to see through the camera, you have to slow down to think about what it is you want to capture, and when you slow down you can really look at something, maybe that you see all the time, but you’re looking at it with a deeper gaze.”

JSU’s Intro to Photography class (ART 368) is open to all students with no required prerequisite. Clark says he has students in a variety of non-art majors, including students interested in areas like communications or marketing.

“I think it really helps people develop their own creativity and it gives them the time to focus on something maybe they never have before,” said Clark.

Both Rickless and Clark hope that events like this will help students get involved in on-campus clubs and organizations and even bring existing clubs together.

“What you’re involved in is probably the biggest factor in whether you have a good college experience or not,” said Rickless, “We [the Earth Club] also have connections with the SGA, the Outdoor Adventure Club and the academic departments, so it’s also not isolated.”

Students interested in joining the Earth Club can find it on Facebook under Jacksonville State University Earth Club or can contact David Rickless for more information.

Katie Cline
Staff Writer

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