MyJSU program helps students graduate on time

Ever wonder how far along in your degree you’ve reached? The answer is just at your fingertips with the Degree Evaluation program offered on every undergraduate’s MyJSU account.

Jacksonville State University unveiled this program in 2008 and it still operates under the motto: “Don’t Hesitate…Just Evaluate!”

The program is offered with Banner, the software JSU administrators use to communicate with students.

According to Director of Academic Advisement Michelle Green, “The program is a step-by-step for students to see which classes they have completed and which classes they need in order to graduate.”

To gain access to the program and all that it offers, students need to log in to their MyJSU account. From there, they need to get to the Student Records menu through Self Service Banner. Now the student can find Degree Evaluation (CAPP).

If students have never used the tool before, they should click on Generate New Evaluation. If they have accessed their evaluation before, they can click on Previous Evaluation.

From there, the students gain access to their current degree.

GPA is available at the top of the page, along with details about the selected degree. All general education categories and the status of completion can be seen underneath it.

Any university or major-specific exams are listed as well as the completion status of them.

Students can click on the degree and see how far along they are in their schooling, but there is more: they can also click on the What-If Analysis and see how far they would be in another degree if they decided to change their major. Students should click on the current term then click on the program they wish to enter. Another Degree Evaluation Report will appear in regard to the new major. Please note that this is not a formal change of major.

“It helps students because it is a digital version of a plan of study, and it is always available, day or night,” said Registrar Emily White.

“This is not meant to replace advisors. Every student needs their advisor. This is a way for them to track their progress and prepare for their advisement,” said Green.

“We’ve really started pushing it this year because we want our students see that they can graduate on time,” said White, “It divides up the areas of study more specifically than transcripts.”

“We feel that Degree Evaluation has been underutilized up to this point,” said White.

If students want help learning how to use Degree Evaluation, there is a tutorial video on JSU’s YouTube channel.

The JSU Drama Department created university-specific video which will be released in mid-September.

Although the tool is only available to undergraduates right now, graduates will have the option to use it in the future.

During the month of October, the Registrar’s Office will be putting on a month-long event called Ocotber Blitz. There will be mobile stations spread out around campus every week to inform students about Degree Evaluation. There will be staff members present to run evaluations and walk students through the program.

Marie McBurnett

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