New office, new staff, new year at The Chanticleer

This academic year will no doubt bring about many changes for many people, as every new school year inevitably does. The excitement brought on by these new possibilities drive the urge to be a part of it all. The same stands true for campus organizations such as The Chanticleer. The Chanticleer employs four editors; three of which are entirely new staff members this year, myself included. We are currently undergoing some transitions in our traditions.

My first duty as Editor-in-Chief was to head the production of The Chanticleer’s summer publication, the Gamecock Guide. My second was to choose staff members for this school year. That was quite a nerve-racking task. Interviewing people is almost as terrifying as being the interviewee—almost.

Those experiences were the perfect bedrock to get me in the new mindset of publications and editing and deadlines and communication—things I called “grown-up stuff” when I was younger—the same kind of things we all will face upon or even before graduation.

In addition to my new personal transformation, The Chanticleer also went through one of its own. It was assigned a different office on the opposite side of Self Hall. The new office was something we could fix to be our own; however, some people may say we used entirely too many staples and Command strips. At first, I was not very eager for the move, but once I was able to imprint my personal touch on our new home, I could clearly see all the possibilities that lay in front of me. It was the first room I ever decorated, so it was an interesting experience. As they say, when life gives you lemons…

We at The Chanticleer are facing what so many others in the media industry are facing: convergence. This paper has more of a choice in this matter than other media outlets, but it is for the best that we begin turning our attention to the digital side. The Communication Department now offers the Digital Journalism concentration., and it is for this reason The Chanticleer is doing more in the digital world now than it has in the past. After hours of brainstorming, my Associate Editor and I (with assistance from the JSU Information Technology Department) created a new website that allows more producer/consumer interactivity.

There is nothing like the smell of freshly pressed newspaper with a morning cup of coffee, but it just is not reality for many people anymore. As The Chanticleer embarks on this new journey with a new office, new staff and a new game plan, we invite all of our readers to travel with us. It is going to be a year full of possibilities.

Marie McBurnett

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